Equal Streets is a sustained community movement towards the provision of better and safer walking and cycling infrastructure in our city. The Equal Streets movement is constituted by a growing number of citizens groups, cycling clubs, NGOs and residential welfare associations that have all come together for this common cause. Through this movement, we seek to bring awareness to the extremely harsh and unsafe conditions faced by pedestrians and cyclists on a daily basis. We further aim to create a platform for engagement between government, NGOs & technocrats and the community, in order to jointly develop workable solutions to improve the safety and mobility conditions on our streets.


As an immediate objective, we aim to organise a weekly program every Sunday morning, where a section of select roads are made “car-free”, that is, they are closed off to motorised transport and open only to all forms of non-motorised transport such as walking and cycling. Through this weekly program, we aim to create community awareness and support for the larger objectives of the Equal Streets movement, as well as to catalyse a momentum towards permanent change.


Everyone will have access to these open spaces on Sunday mornings. Activities like yoga, zumba and street dancing (tentative) will be conducted and people of all age groups are welcome to participate and interact with the community.


The Equal Streets movement is supported by the Mumbai Police and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.


Core Objectives The Equal Streets movement follows a core set of guiding principles that enable us to work together on common objectives. Equal Streets is an open movement, not just notionally, but in action too, as we actively seek to bring on board more organisations representing wider geographies, with the intention to scale up this campaign across Mumbai.

The movements’ core objectives are to enhance the state of Mumbai’s infrastructure with focus on the following: non-motorised transport, road safety, public transport, urban green cover, universal accessibility, safe access to schools, and women and mobility.


Guiding Principles We adhere to keep Equal Streets a non-commercial and an apolitical initiative. We will maintain political neutrality, while continuing to work closely with our civic representatives. We will seek partnerships with sponsors/donors in order to cover expenses, but no profits will be distributed to an individual member or organisation.