KBS Foundation

KBS Foundation

KBS Foundation was formed in 2008 by a group of individuals belonging to various local Advanced Locality Management (ALMs) teams of Khar, Bandra and Santacruz to improve the quality of life of the community and to push forth ideas that were not on the radar of government agencies. The annual ‘Mumbai Car Free Day’ conducted on Carter Road is one of their projects.



WRI India

WRI India works closely with leaders to turn big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity and human well-being. Our work focuses around two critical issues at the intersection of environment and development: climate and cities and transport.




Bandra West Residents Association

Bandra West Residents Association (BWRA)

The BWRA has supervised the design and construction of the Carter Road promenade in Mumbai and is responsible for its maintenance. BWRA has conducted signature campaigns against the Bandra-Versova Sea Link and coastal road and also supported Action Against Cell Towers (AACT), a network to create awareness of radiation from cell towers and phones.



LOGO-P K Das August 2014 new

P K Das

PK Das & Associates’ wide spectrum of work includes projects in urban planning and design, architecture, interiors, and social and environmental sectors. The firm’s priority has been to establish a very close relation between architecture and people by involving them in a participatory planning process.




Juhu Citizens Welfare Group

JCWG’s major projects are the cleaning and redevelopment of Juhu beach, the annual festival Juhu Hamara and development and maintenance of six gardens along Juhu beach. JCWG lends it support to all movements that work for the preservation of the ecology and for sustainable development of the city and country.



Gulmohur Area Societies Welfare Group

Gulmohur Area Societies Welfare Group
Gulmohur Area Societies Welfare Group is an association of the Citizens living in Juhu Scheme. It comprises of more than 200 societies. It works towards better living ,protecting Open Spaces,Gardens, footpaths, etc. It fights against illegal constructions and was successful in exposing the parking scam of the builders due to which the new Development Control Regulations (DCRs) came into being. We believe in clean & healthy environment.





ONLY CYCLING was formed to create a connect between cyclists and aspiring cyclists to share common knowledge and passion for cycling, events and related activities. It provides a platform for people to post their views in order to promote and encourage cycling as a means of non-motorised transport to save fuel, enhance fitness, reduce traffic congestion and reduce carbon output for a better tomorrow.






As an organisation OLCA has been actively associated with saving of open spaces, preservation of mangroves including reclaiming mangrove land, reclaiming of pavements for pedestrians, provision of education to the lesser fortunate in our society, encouraging the use of bicycle as a means of transportation and actively taking part in the town planning forum within our area.



Mumbai Cycling Enthusiast's copy

Mumbai Cycling Enthusiasts – MCE

Share and discuss everything to do with cycling. Plan weekend cycling tours. This group is for all cyclists or to-be cyclists in Mumbai.



Cycling All The Way

Cycling All The Way (C.A.T.W)

Cycling All The Way (C.A.T.W) works towards educating, encouraging and promoting people by providing them with handpicked articles to build knowledge on bicycling and news related to bicycling across the globe. C.A.T.W conducts cycling events and believes in promoting all activities related to bicycling.




Juhu and Lokhandwala Cycling Club

Juhu & Lokhandwala Cycling Club

The mission of the Juhu and Lokhandwala Cycling Club is to create a structure of rides and events that promotes safe and courteous cycling, while fostering the development of riders of all ages and abilities. The club aspires to create a community of cyclists and local businesses who support an active, healthy lifestyle where eco-friendly activities can be encouraged.





Indian Dietetic Association

Indian Dietetic Association Mumbai conducts several public health awareness programs, continuous nutritional education programs and scientific sessions for professionals. The IDA promotes and encourages the spread of science and knowledge and original scientific research particularly in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.



Mumbai Waterfronts Centre1

Mumbai Waterfronts Centre

The Mumbai Waterfront’s Center carries out and/or supports research studies documentation of various waterfronts, water bodies and waterfront precincts & neighborhoods in Mumbai and in the country. It conducts dialogues and joint programmes with various other organizations having interest in urban development issues of Mumbai and all parts of India. The Mumbai Waterfronts Center discusses issues relating to urban governance, community and people’s participation, finance, urban systems management, dissemination of information, the role of sponsors and funding agencies, the role of the government and various governmental agencies, laws, policies and other related matters.



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The Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust (BBRT)  has been instrumental in building and maintaining the public promenade along B.J. Road, Bandstand with public funds. It has also profusely greened the hill at the southern tip of Bandra’s coastline, around the 400-year-old Castella De Aguada, popularly known as the Bandra Fort.