Road Safety


During the course of the year, Equal Streets will initiate campaigns, through partnerships with government, NGOs, and other groups and stakeholders and centered around the following:

  • Everyone has an equal right to the road, no matter what their mode of transport.
  • Today, there is a gross imbalance in our city’s transport priorities, that overwhelmingly favours motorists at the cost of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The right to safety should be a fundamental, uncompromising principle of our city’s mobility plans.
  • Our roads should be more inclusive to meet the needs of the differently-abled, senior citizens and children.
  • Our dilapidated footpaths are a cause for great concern, and are also slowly disappearing across the city, to make way for more traffic. The impacts of depreciating open space and urban green cover in Mumbai are also a cause for concern for today and tomorrow’s generations.
  •  There are repercussions of travel preferences on air quality, noise pollution and traffic congestion, and each individual plays a role in the solution.