Is this a free event?

Yes, there are no charges and it is an open event, for anyone to attend.


Do I need to own a bicycle to attend this event?

No, you can walk around and participate in various activities that will be taking place along the Equal Streets route – Fitness Arenas, Football, Cricket, Yoga, and many more which will keep changing every week. In addition, there are a limited number of rent-free cycles for use. You will need to provide ID to rent these cycles: Aadhar card, PAN cards, Driver’s Licenses, and passports are accepted.


Where can I rent cycles?

Cycle stations for rent-free cycles are located near Shopper’s Stop on Linking Road, outside the Guess Showroom on Linking Road, opposite Khar Police Station on SV Road, and outside Standard Chartered Bank on SV Road.


Are there any rules for this event?

There are no fixed fules for this event. It’s about coming together for a common cause to engage the community, participate in activities, and use public space in the way citizens would like to. The larger goal of Equal Streets Sunday is to create public awareness around issues related to lacking walking and cycling infrastructure in our city. Read more about our objectives and guiding principles.


Are there designated parking spots?

We understand that some of you may need cars to get to the event; however there is limited parking. We encourage you to use non-motorised and public transport to get to the event.


How can I help?

Equal Streets is always looking for hardworking and enthusiastic volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, write to us as


How can I get in touch?

Get in touch with us on Facebook – Equal Streets and Twitter – @equalstreets. You can also write to our team at