3D Printing Side Hustle Reddit

3D Printing Side Hustle Reddit. I was sitting around drinking some beers ๐Ÿ˜‚ and i thought i should buy a 3d printer it. Its grown a lot faster than i ever imagined and after leaving my fulltime role mid december is now my main.

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To create a side hustle using a 3d printer you can sell your designs as digital downloads or sell the prints themselves. It seems there can be profit made here to atleast pay for the printer itself. Costed around $280 for the printer and $20 filament.

I Make A Side Job On 3D Printing.

Works as a decent little side hustle. Costed around $280 for the printer and $20 filament. I extended my hobby to include designing and printing parts, but it seems like every week there.

Its Grown A Lot Faster Than I Ever Imagined And After Leaving My Fulltime Role Mid December Is Now My Main.

Production quality parts will mean an expensive printer that will take some time to repay itself (20k++). I also run a small 3d printing business. I have 5 fdm and one resin printer, but.

The More You Enjoy Making Something, The More Likely Other People.

Hi guys i have been thinking lately about the idea of running a side hustle/business with 3d printing products or services. Went from $1k profit after a year to over $10k this year, while working a full time job. Started as a side hustle 18 months ago.

It Not Only Takes Basic.

Normally these cost about $200. Matt, a trainee science teacher. Purchased a 3d printer a few days ago.

A 3D Printing Side Hustle I Started.

The only way is to design and print for a small niche market that you already have a passion for. I'm working through an over extrusion problem with my printer so the print file keeps changing, on average though each item costs less than $2 including cost of plastic and 1ยข per minute of. I double my materials cost, make a decent amount per hour of printer/handling time and both my printers are paid for.

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